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Integrativ, online, weltweit


Seit über vierzehn Jahren helfe ich, komplexe Lebenslagen zu lösen, und Geist, Seele und Beziehungen zu integrieren: Lösungsorientiert, undogmatisch, komplex. Mit tiefem Verständnis, meditativen und Kommunikationsübungen.



Issues I treat:

  • Complex life problems

  • Depression, burnout

  • Anxiety, avoidance, stress

  • Relationship issues


My approach:

  • Pragmatic and non-judgmental

  • Comprehensive understanding of yourself

  • Competence to change yourself

  • Exercises and debriefing



Issues I treat:

  • Alienation and dysfunctional communication

  • Problems with intimacy and sexuality

  • ... also in relationship-oriented individual work


Efficient structure in 7 sessions:

  • 3 x 1.5 hours in couple setting. Work on healthy communication and listening

  • 4 hours in individual sessions. Working on needs in the relationship

  • Practical exercises & debriefing



Appointments: Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri 8am-9pm

Rate individuals: 110 € / 60 minutes

Rate couples: 200 € / 90 minutes

Or book a free 20-minute preliminary session to get to know how I work


The Curious Mind


In essays and interviews, I offer unorthodox perspectives for anyone interested in complex psychology.

How we Internalize Parents in our MindGabriel Ellis (The Curious Mind Podcast)
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Some testimonials


"I was lost in a period of transition, looking for an expert with an evidence-based approach but also open to a more existential perspective. In Gabriel I found the right interlocutor: a very attentive listener, both empathetic and to the point, who really understood me where I was at the time and could help me find a way forward."  (Thomas)

"I contacted Gabriel at a very difficult time in my life, especially with my marriage. His clear pragmatic view helped me to understand what was going on and to use the crisis for my growth. I was no longer a victim of my circumstances and took on a stronger role: I gained economic independence through my new business, I changed my professional profile, but I also managed to make my marriage much healthier. All of this would not have been possible without Gabriel's advice."  (Sofia)

"Arriving to a new country, Gabriel proved to be an excellent family counsellor. We all went through personal challenges during this time. With two third-culture teenagers in a country where we did not speak the local language, it was enormously helpful to have a counsellor to speak with as we experienced the various ups and downs of the transition. Away from friends and family, Gabriel was an indispensable resource. He is a highly professional, intuitive guide who helped smooth the path of communication in our family."  (Jessica)

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