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Cert. Psych. Gabriel Ellis, PhD
Academic Research


Research in Psychology and Early Buddhism

Over the past two decades I have acquired expertise in two areas of academic research: Psychology and Early Buddhism.

In psychology I work on cognitive models of the mind, the unconscious, the practice of psychotherapy, and effects of society and relationships on the individual.

In Early Buddhism I make fundamental research in the fields of meditation, Buddhist psychology, Buddhist concepts, and comparative religious studies.




You can find downloads for my publications on and

Ellis, G. (2021). Āyatana, the Buddha’s forgotten teaching. Academia Letters, Article 749.


Ellis, G. (2021b). Nimitta in Context - A Text Collection. (Draft)


Ellis, G. (2021c). Desire in Early Buddhism. (Manuscript submitted for publication)

Ellis, G. (2021d). Dependent Origination as Emergence of the Subject.  (Manuscript submitted for publication)

Ellis, G. (2021e). The First Jhana an Assimilated Jain Meditation Practice. (Draft)

Ellis, G. (2020). Early Buddhism and its Relation to Brahmanism. A Comparative and Doctrinal Investigation (Doctoral dissertation). Warsaw University, Warsaw.


Ellis, G. (2020b). Dhātu in Early Buddhism. (Draft)

Ellis, G. (2020c). Early Buddhism, Slaves, Outcasts, and the Lowest Social Classes. (Draft)

Ellis, G. (2020d). Ayatana in Early Buddhism. (Draft)

Ellis, G. (2019). Early Buddhism and Caste. Yearbook of Oriental Studies, 72 (1), 55-71.

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