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Cert. Psych. Gabriel Ellis
Therapist for Individuals and Couples 

Researcher in Psychology and Early Buddhism 


About Me

I was born into a Georgian-Jewish community in Israel in 1975 and moved with my family to Germany when I was six. There I grew up to be a psychology enthusiast, certified psychologist, business consultant, and therapist.


In 2012 I moved to Tbilisi, and since 2015 I am a citizen of Warsaw, working in private practice. I have a regular podcast on psychology and self-development and publish PhD research in Buddhist Studies


Growing up in several languages, cultures, countries, furthered by extensive travels, has enabled me to connect with people from different social and cultural backgrounds. I am glad to apply this flexibility in my work with expats who live in cross-cultural environments themselves.

Additionally, I apply my twenty years of meditation practice to the psychological work and also offer Buddhism-based Self-Development. I have facilitated meditation groups and will further apply my research in meditation to the therapy practice.

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Gabriel Ellis Counselling NIP 113 289 5922

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